How to install Raspbian OS on Raspberry Pi

Step 1: Download OS

  • Ensure that the computer has a micro SD card slot
  • Download NOOBS from this website
  • Save and Extract files from Zipped folder

Step 2: Formatting SD Card

  • Install this Software
  • Insert micro SD Card
  • Follow the onscreen instructions

Step 3: Drag and drop downloaded NOOBS files on newly formatted SD card

Step 4: Insert Micro SD card into Raspberry Pi and attach all peripherals

  • Insert Micro SD Card
  • Connect Peripherals (Keyboard, Mouse & Screen)
  • Attach Ethernet Cable or Wi-Fi ┬áDongle
  • Connect the Micro USB power cable

Step 5: Installing Raspbian

  • Once NOOBS has booted up from the Micro SD card, choose to install Raspbian OS
  • Press ‘Yes’ on the next window to enable NOOBS to overwrite any data on the Micro SD Card

Step 6: First boot-up of system

  • The OS will start to install and should take around 5 minutes
  • The raspberry pi configuration menu may open. If so, this will enable the user to set his region, date & time.
  • Press the ‘Tab’ key to finish this setup.
  • It may be also needed to enter the default username & password which are as follows:
    Username: pi
    Password: raspberry
  • It may also be needed to enter the phrase ‘startx’ for the GUI of the OS to load